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Hello again my friends,
As I look back on 2012, it’s actually difficult to believe that it was a year in which I saw my 13th novel, I, Jane, published----and in a world where books, and publishing in general, are changing so swiftly that was doubly gratifying! There it appeared so wonderfully, in bookstores and as an e-book; loved, cared for, fussed over, and still now selling well in a competitive and difficult market. I am beyond blessed about that, and enormously proud of the result of a year’s worth of research, writing, work, and worry, beforehand. This has all been such a wonderful, long journey which so many of you have graciously taken with me over these past twenty years, contacting me here at my website, as well as through Facebook and on Twitter, with so much encouragement and such lovely words of inspiration. You truly are the difference that keeps me writing and always looking for new incredible stories from history to bring to you. It seems only a blink ago that I was able to tell you the sweeping, true story of Diane de Poitiers, in Courtesan , then so many other incredible stories, based on true love affairs from history. And now, most recently if you will continue to journey with me, we delve together into the wonderfully complex character of Jane Seymour in, I, Jane, the fourth and final novel in my series, In The Court of Henry VIII. (Final, anyway, for now, but you never know!)…. This tale, that swept me up and took me away to the lush and romantic Wiltshire countryside, is based on the true story of Henry VIII’s unlikely third queen, the mother of his only legitimate, and much longed-for male heir. It tells of the complex, dangerous and exciting court life she lived among royalty, but also it is her lesser known story----one of a different man who was not a king, a different love, and the essence between them of what might have been, if only...

I love hearing from all of you so please keep emailing me here or feel free to look me up and connect with me on Facebook to let me know what you think of I, Jane.

If you would like to know more about me and where my inspiration comes from, click here. As always I love answering any questions my readers have for me, so feel free to email me!