Hi Everyone,

They say change is good. Personally speaking, I don't think there could be a bigger professional change for an author than deciding to use a pen name. After twenty years of writing, however, that is just what I have decided to do. While I absolutely cherish every moment of writing and researching my Tudor series, as well as my other Renaissance and early English novels, it's an incredibly exciting prospect to begin a new creative chapter by crafting a different style of novel, for now, as Anne Girard.

I am really loving this bold, new adventure, and the busy months leading up to the August 26, 2014 publication Madame Picasso, by Anne Girard. It's such a wonderfully poignant and romantic tale!

Diane Haeger

Over this past summer, I was led on a journey to Paris, Provence, and Barcelona, to uncover details of the love affair between a young Pablo Picasso, on the cusp of his great fame to come, and Eva Gouel, which initially was something of a scandal. Eva was his secret "Ma Jolie", a pretty, smart and witty girl who, for a time in the carefree Paris of 1911, called herself Marcelle Humbert. What I discovered in my research, and in reading her letters, was that Eva left the world with some intentional mystery, so that, trying to find her voice, to piece together her story—and to tell it with honor—has been quite a challenge. It is a challenge I happily accept with Madame Picasso.

I hope, in September, you will all fall in love with Eva and Pablo's story, as I have.

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